Pass Plus and Pass Plus Extra

Young drivers in the 17-25 year old age range are a vulnerable, inexperienced group of road users and are involved in a disproportionally high number of collisions. Statistics show that approximately 20% of newly qualified drivers are involved in a collision within six months of passing their driving test.

As a priority Staffordshire County Council Road Safety Unit provides many interventions to reduce the number of younger casualties. As well as the publicity campaigns initiated throughout the county, we provide educational resources within schools and colleges in the form of pre-driver training and moped/motorcycle resources.

These interventions have helped reduce the number of casualties involving this age group. There were 145 fewer young drivers and passengers injured in 2009 compared to 2008 a drop of 10%. 

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a training scheme for recently qualified drivers, which can be provided by most driving instructors. It is a specially designed course which incorporates the Driving Standards Agency's six modules which aim to help you gain valuable experience, build on your existing skills and knowledge, and reduce your risk of being in a road crash.

Pass Plus Extra

Staffordshire County Council's Road Safety Unit provides a subsidy to newly qualified drivers who wish to complete the Pass Plus scheme on completion of an additional two hour 'new driver course' at one of seven venues across the county. The course offers new drivers an opportunity to discuss many issues not covered in either the driving test or the normal Pass Plus scheme.

Pass Plus Extra plays a major part in our task of reducing young driver and passenger casualties, but will also contribute to the reduction of casualties of all ages.

Click the link below to see an evaluation report of the initiative.